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Timeless Elegance. The Poliform style project is distilled in these two words, linking the rooms of the house together through a coherent and distinctive style. A style composed of minimalist lines, harmonious colours, sophisticated materials and precious details, in the firm belief that the quality of style improves the living experience.
We no longer “just” design objects.
We envision settings that make bold statements, with atmospheres that can be interpreted through the dialogue between our glass and new materials that accentuate its presence. Shining a spotlight on glass in the world of design. FIAM Italia, the brainchild of Vittorio Livi, was launched in 1973 with this mission in mind. The first company in the world to dedicate an entire collection to furnishing elements made entirely using the technique of bending sheet glass. An intimidating material, with no existing technology or production facilities to refer to, hitherto used in furniture only as an accessory, would take a prominent place in the middle-class homes.Devina Nais proposals take inspiration from the essence of the most noble raw material: wood. Always in equilibrium between romanticism and innovation, creating new furniture, combining materials, techniques and shapes which honour the engaging power of nature. An Italian brand producing in the carpathians of Romania, with the help of it's long standing furniture crafting tradition & using the highest quality certified european oak.
  Pouring sugar into wine is an insult to fine cooking. But if you whip eggs, sugar and wine together you make zabaglione. You have to be carefull about what you mix together. We try our utmost to please as many tastes as possible, as we experiment with creativity, culture and good design. Our job is a collective commitment. We are craftsmen and we are all different. There are carpenters, glass blowers, there is who shapes ceramics, who upholsters armchairs, and who recans chairs. Each of us inherited the know-how from our family's traditions and retained it still. Machines help us, but our hands do the most part. Muubs makes objects for the home that embrace craftsmanship and ooze authenticity. Every product has a soul and a differrent story: from chopping boards with natural wood grain and hand-crafted tables with charming rough edges and imperfections to simple rustik kitchenware. Guided and driven by an instinctive love of the beauty of nature, they create objects that play with our imagination, age gracefully and add the missing piece of soul and roughness to our homes, calling it "beauty in imperfection".

  Born and launched in 2016 in milan by Stefano Giovannoni, Qeeboo is an italian design brand that empowers self-expression with creativity. It's narrative objects are a result of a design culture that combines thought, vision and emotion with the purpose of bringing individuals into worlds in which they feel free to connect with their most creative side. Simultaneously, the ideas and products created want to relate to peoples stories, populating their lives while giving new meaning to their everyday spacesWith a twist of pop, wonder and culture Qeeboo's creations are conciously thought to enhance the style of each individual bringing originality to the environment, arising a sense of surprise, still maintaining a rigorous attention to detail and high quality.

With a sustainable philosophy centred around timeless design and long-lasting durability, Tribù is the innovator of the 'art of leisure' and the perfector of a style that is luxuriously seamless and perfectly formed for the future of outdoor living.  Designed in Belgium, both in-house and in collaboration with international designers, Tribù's cutting-edge collections offer endless possibilities of style, shape, tone and texture. From day beds to sunloungers, tables and club chairs, each piece is effortlessly transitional and manufactured with the highest measure of quality materials, strength and weather resistance.               For over 20 years, belgian brand Vincent Sheppard has continued to harness and evolve the tradition of woven paper furniture, and has now enhanced these collections by including contemporary teak and woven furnitureThe Lloyd Loom method adopted by Vincent Shepherd was originally engineered by Marshall Burns Lloyd - a British maker who set out to find a more durable material to wicker. The brand adapts this weaving technique, which uses kraft paper and metal wire to create functional art and outdoor furniture that epitomises classic modernism. Designed in Belgium, each piece is handcrafted by a cooperative of expert craftsmen in Indonesia who are known for their rattan work.


         Each Ethimo collection reflects the warmth and sunlight of the mediterranean with furniture that creates settings that are classic yet contemporaryDesigned in Italy Ethimo furniture welcomes the visitor to the outside with warm textures and soft colours, and plays with shapes and fabrics that embrace and nurture a connection to the garden.   Roda outdoor furniture collections create inviting spaces nurturing a feeling of well being and warm hospitalityDesigned and made it Italy, the Roda collections create inviting outdoor spaces, that aim to fill the senses with well being. Taking nature as inspiration, Roda furniture sits happily in both countryside and beachside homes.
A commitment to responsible and sustainable production is a fundamental part of the Roda family's ethos, translating into furniture that is both a pleasure to live with and good for our environment.  Ever since Nordlux was established in 1977, it has been their goal to deliver quality lighting at attractive prices. "We're passionate about inspiring people to make the most of lighting. The Danish tradition and passion for great lighting combined with world class technology enables us to deliver a wide range of products with a superior combination of lasting quality, great design and user-friendly functionality - at competitive prices".     Glatz is a family-owned sunshade brand based in switzerland who have achieved world recognition for innovation in sun protection technology throughout a history spanning over a hundred years. Using the latest technology in durable hardware and UV textiles, Glatz provide a design-led soloution for a life spent outside - all year round. Graphic and hardwaring shades are seamlessly operated and adaptable to the position of the sun, with some styles also integrating light and heating to take you from warm summer days to cooler autumn afternoons outdoors.