Keeping stock on a wide range of products in various sizes and colours is impossible for us. Of course having ready to sell products is a must for e-shops, therefore we try keeping stock on our best selling products in the most popular colour, "Old Canada". All products which are immediately available(always in Old Canada) have the note "in stock" in the product information section, just above the "add to cart" button. These are delivered within a time window of 10days. We are an ever-evolving business and always try refining our products and services but for the time being all products not in stock have lead times of aproximately 2 months. If by any chance a customer places an order regarding an "in stock" item that is not readily available, he/she will be informed as soon as possible and be given the option to cancel his/her order.

Finally keep notice of items with the EOL indication. That means End Of Life. These products are only available as long as stock lasts. So you should better come in contact with us first.


In order for us to send you your order we need to be paid in full. Sometimes though when an order might need more time to be fulfilled we do accept payment in two parts(downpayment-payoff). We accept credit cards and direct bank transfer. In amounts under 1.500 euros you can pay in cash too, but will need to come in contact with us first.


Delays are always a possibility in our line of bussines. Although rare it can happen at certain times, around holidays(Christmas/Easter/August) or in special cases like the COVID pandemic. In any case we will inform you of this as soon as possible.


The prices you see on this page are final. There are no extra costs and all taxes are included. Delivery of bulky objects is free of charge to all greek county capitals, islands excluded. Delivery of small packets is free of charge for all of Greece, islands excluded. The delivery is usually handled by a third party. Keep in mind that some of our products are very large/heavy and therefore may require some sort of extra lifting service.


When you receive your products make sure to inspect your purchases thuroughly before signing any documents! If the transporter does not provide you with transport documents ask for them, sign them and keep a copy or photo of the signed document. If you notice any damage to your product please sign including "all rights reserved" so that the isurance company may compensate us. We will accompany any purchases with photographic material of the condition of your cargo. If any damage is inflicted on your items it will be the sole responsibility of the transporter. 


We accept cancellations within a reasonable timeframe after the order. 2 days for "in stock" products and 10 days for all others. The best way is to contact us directly so we may find a solution to your problem. 

Returns are only accepted for the following reasons:

  • Damaged product
  • False product or colour

In both cases your claim must be accompanied with evidence and must be filed immediately or the next working day. In case a product is delivered with a missing part we encourage you to notify us immediatelly in order to provide you with it as soon as possible.


When unpacking, open your package carefully. A too sharp tool may damage the product. All of our products come with the necessary equipment, tools and instructions in order to make it as easy as possible for you to assemble your purchased furniture. But even if you reach a sticking point we're here for you to assist you as best as we can. Come in contact with us and we will find the best way to make your task as easy as possible.

After assembling make sure that for 2 days you let the wood "breathe". Don't place anything on top of it yet.


Most of our products do not require much maintenance. If anything spills on them make sure to wipe it of as soon as possible with a clean dry cloth, a napkin or just some kitchen paper. Wipe it clean with a slightly wet cloth and finally wipe dry again. We do not recommend using any chemicals.

Make sure not to place any oily or wet items directly on the wood, like candles or a glass of cold water. Make a habit of rather using sous-plat and sous-verre. 

Once in a while(1-2 years) you can use some linnen oil to treat the wood-if necessary. Apply some linnen oil on a dry cloth and rub it into the wood always going with the grain. Finally wipe off any residue with adry cloth. Keep in mind that this will slightly deepen the colour of the wood.