Tapas Board Valley



The narrow tapas board from the Valley series is made of the beautiful Indonesian river stone, which gives the board a natural look.

The series in natural stone gives the home a raw look and adds soul and edge to the room. Each product is unique and may vary in expression and shape depending on how the stone is from nature.

The Tapas board is very beautiful for plated meals like tapas with cheese and olives. The board adds a unique and natural look to your dining table.

The natural tapas board must be washed by hand, as the dishwasher can damage the stone.

Tip: Valley is made of natural stone and can absorb fat and oil from certain foods. If you experience stains on the stoneware, you can apply neutral cooking oil and thus smooth the surface.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 37x12x1,5 cm

Material: Indonesian river stone

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