Renè Umbrella Stand


MObili & OGGetti

Design by: Marcantonio, 2017

100% made in Italy

Renè by Mogg is an umbrella stand in curved beech wood, available with a base in black Marquina marble or in grey resin. The stick is available in mud or black stained wood. Renè is an umbrella stand with a hint of magic: a central stick inspired by Renè Magritte, the circle that recalls those used in the circus world or by dancers as hula hoops, elements that refer to a well-known world and reassuring images. Renè has a strong identity: an object that tells a story, and does it with irony.

Material: Base in black Marquina marble and black wooden stick

Dimensions (WxH): 30x85 cm - 6kg

Availability: by order
Delivery time: 6-8 weeks

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