Oria Lantern


With inspiration from a starry night, Oria is created to bring the beautiful and dancing stars into the home and create a cozy atmosphere.

When a candle is lit in the lantern, the glowing light will bring light in the holes and send your thoughts in the direction of a starry night. The lantern stands on a teak base, which makes it is easy to light the candle. Just lift the top, light the candle, and then lift the top back to cover the candle.

The organic shapes of the Oria lanterns are handmade in terracotta after which the special holes are randomly poked out with small sticks.

The Oria name is inspired by the Greek god Orion, whose star formation you can identify in a starry night sky.

The Oria lanterns come in three sizes and are sold individually.

Dimensions (Ø x H):
  • Tealight Oria: 11x11 cm
  • Oria M: 10x26 cm
  • Oria L: 10x30 cm

    Material: Terracotta


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