Minerva Candle Holder


The candlestick Minerva is named after the goddess Minerva in Roman mythology, who symbolizes wisdom, but also supports arts, trade and carftmanship.

The beautiful candlestick is made of natural travertine, which is a limestone. The beautiful travertine has a unique play of colors, which is made from deposits of calcareous water in the mountain. The surface of the candlestick is smooth but can also have small unique features and recesses that embrace and celebrate the naturalness of the stone.

Minerva's sharp lines and rounded corners give the candlestick a majestic look, which gets a feminine touch with its cream color with beautiful shades from nature's play of colors.

Dimensions (WxH): 14,5x20 cm

Material: Travertine in Creme colour

Only 2 pieces in stock!

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