Luna Jar


The Luna jar is designed with inspiration from nature.
The vase is made of hand-burned terracotta and has an exciting, rough surface, with small craters and elevations.
It has been hand painted and then burned with a gas burner to give it its unique expression, from jar to jar. Use Luna as a decorative element in your home, or as an imperial floor vase - and choose which flowers or branches are representative of your home.

The jar should only be used indoor and there should not be planted directly in the jar. The jars are perfect for dried decorations or flowers.

Burned terracotta


XL: H100 x Ø56 cm

L:     H80 x Ø45 cm

ML:  H60 x Ø35 cm

MS:  H40 x Ø32 cm

S:     H28 x Ø34 cm

XS:   H18 x Ø25 cm


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