Level 2 Outdoor Modular Sofa


Design by: Henrik Pedersen

It’s all about level, to come eye to eye with nature, to relate to the horizon and to get lines and shapes to move up to a higher level! A lightweight frame and with soft cushions that create both sturdiness and comfort – and lure you into a relaxed lounge atmosphere.

LEVEL is a modular lounge collection consisting of 2 sofa modules – one left and one right - a single lounge chair, an ottoman, a coffee table and a side table, making it possible to mix it all up in countless ways and to expand over time. The frame consists of powder coated aluminum, making it a perfect solution even for the beachside. All foam fillings are resistant to mould and the fabrics by Sunbrella© are Oeko-tex© certified, resistant to stains, sunlight, salt and chlorinated water, while being made out of 50% recycled acrylic.

2 year warranty

Available elements & sizes:

  • Corner (left or right) - H:82 x W:140 x D:95 cm
  • Single seater  - H:82 x W:81 x D:95 cm
  • Ottoman aka Pouf - H:38 x W:81 x D:81 cm
  • Chaise Longue - H:82 x W:81 x D:139 cm
  • Daybed(left or right) - H:82 x W:174 x D:139 cm
  • Side Table - H:29 x W:41 x D:81 cm
  • Coffee Table - H:29 x W:81 x D:81 cm


  • Seat height: 39cm
  • Back height: 82cm
  • Coffee table height: 29cm


Frame: Powder coated aluminum in dark grey or muted white

Wood: Bamboo wood - pre oiled


  • Basic - Dark Grey | 100% Pol. | UV class 6 | Water resist. | 2 year warranty
  • Sunbrella© Natte - Sooty Grey | 97% Acr, 3% Pol | UV class 8 | Stain resist. | Mold resist. | 5 year warranty
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - many colours | 97% Acr, 3% Pol | UV class 8 | Stain resist. | Mold resist. | 5 year warranty

Available fabric colors:

  • Basic - nr.98 dark grey
  • Sunbrella© Natte - nr.57 Sooty grey
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.16 Scarlet
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.17 Rust
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.31 Dijon
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.42 Leaf
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.44 Alpine
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.47 Moss
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.53 Indigo
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.58 Sky
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.64 Slate
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.68 Char
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.92 Ash
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.95 Papyrus

Raincovers for all modules, available on request

Extra cushions(60x50cm) in all colours, available on request

Maintenance: Bamboo wood offers the sheen, durability and luxurious finish of hardwood—but without the ecological damage. It is an eco-friendly, sustainable material which is very reliable for outdoors, if maintained properly. We advise you to coat the bamboo parts in natural outdoor oil. Depending on the use & the weather conditions(humidity, sun exposure, sea salt etc), this process should be repeated 2 to 4 times per year for optimal results.

Frame Colour:
Fabric - Material:

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