Levante Modular Bookcase


MObili & OGGetti

Design by: Sebastiano Tossi, 2020

100% made in Italy

Levante is a modular bookcase in matt black painted metal, with ceiling or wall fixing. The shelves are available in the finishes: slate, heat treated larch, matt black metal. It is a very versatile bookcase that allows multiple configurations for the various rooms of the house, from the living area to the home office.

  • Columns & fixing system: matt black painted iron
  • Shelves: iron/wood/ardesia slate stone

Dimensions: the Levante generally comes in 70 or 100cm segments. It can although be assembled according to your specific needs  in terms of space and does thus not come in set dimensions. Please contact us o assess your requirements & determine a price.

  • Height(approx.):  120 | 190 | 230cm
  • Shelves: 66 or 96cm

Availability: by order
Delivery time: 6-8 weeks

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