Leaf Dining Table


Design by: Henrik Pedersen

A beautiful garden table, which due to its unique shape and grain of the table top, looks like a leaf. The rounded out triangular form and the structure of the base, which is drawn in under the table, makes it very stable while possible to seat 6 - or even more people. The bamboo wood table top is pre-oiled.

Size(cm):  146x146x74.5H

Material Top:  Bamboo wood lamellas.

Material Frame:  Powder coated dark grey metal. 

Assembly: Easy (~5mins/2pers.)

Maintenance: Bamboo wood offers the sheen, durability and luxurious finish of hardwood -but without the ecological damage. It is an eco-friendly, sustainable material which is very reliable for outdoors, if maintained properly. We advise you to coat the bamboo parts in natural outdoor oil. Depending on the use & the weather conditions(humidity, sun exposure, sea salt etc), this process should be repeated 2 to 4 times per year for optimal results.

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