Kanji Jars


Kanji jar from cement by MUUBS.

With the Kanji jar nature becomes a central part in your outdoor space décor. 

The beautiful garden jars have  good sizes for summer flowers or small trees. Plant a bulky tree in the jar and use it to create space on the terrace.

The pots are also very suitable at the front door - and with a beautiful plantation its perfect for welcoming guests.

The jar is frost proof down to -15 degrees. Suitable for inside and outdoor use.

We recommend making a drain at the bottom of the jar with e.g. leca stone.

Dimensions (Ø x H):
  • Kanji Low 21: 31x21 cm
  • Kanji Low 27: 41x27 cm
  • Kanji Low 34: 51x34 cm
  • Kanji 35: 34x35 cm
  • Kanji 50: 47x50 cm

    Material: Cement


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