Holland Modular Wall System


Devina Nais collection for living area is like a journey to discover a world of design which is all to enjoy. Designed to bring class and creativity in your homes, and characterised by the skillful manufacture, it offers endless configuration possibilities. Suitable for any customised furnishing project.

Only available on request.

These furniture pieces are available in many sizes, options and colours. The combinations are too many to offer via webshop. Therefore we only offer it on order and after extensive communication with the customer. 

Characteristics: A multifunctional modular system, which can be customised in order to match the exact needs of any space, as well as taste of the customer. There are many compositions in regards to type of modules, colours, shapes, material combinations and set up, that can be made with the Holland modular system. 

Dimensions: There are no exact dimensions to provide as every piece of module can be different. 

Materials: Depending on the preference of the customer, the modular system can include the modules, sizes and drawers they wish.

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