Gigio & Gigione Rotating Pouf | Ottoman


MObili & OGGetti

Design by: Romani Saccani, 2019

100% made in Italy

Two circular floating ottomans padded with non-removable cover. Bent beech wood base covered with anti-noise and anti-scratch cloth. The conical shape of the base allows for continuous oscillation, which finds its point of balance only thanks to the support of the feet of the user on the ground, who comfortably sits floating while sitting.

Material: padded floating ottoman with non-removable cover. Base is made out of bent beech wood. Cover in velvet colours or in white boucle. 

  • diam. 63 x height 43 cm, 16kg
  • diam. 90 x height 30 cm, 36kg 
Availability: by order
Delivery time: 6-8 weeks

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