Gaia Table


The warm - cold, vivid - inert, organic - rigid, natural - artificial contrast shapes the personality of the GAIA table. The 5 cm thick solid wood tabletop with organic edges balances perfectly with the rigid geometry of the concrete manually covered legs. The result is a well-proportioned and very robust table, a true ambassador of the urban-contemporary style.

Only the tabletop, also available.

In order to ensure the stability and durability of the tabletop, it was designed in a special, layered structure, which has solid spruce wood as its core and thick solid oak slats on the outside. The whole structure is covered in solid oak wood, this being the only one visible from the outside. Additionally, steel profiles are embedded on the back of the tabletop.
Being a product made of solid wood, knots, colorations, small fissures and other natural characteristics of oak can be observed.
The legs are made of chipboard and solid pine wood, the whole structure being covered with a layer of ~ 4 mm of concrete and finished with special, matt lacquers.
Surface distressing: Minimum; sanding and chiseling around knots and fissures.
Colors for wood (see images here)
NO - Natural Oak, CS - Castle Oak, WO - Weathered Oak, AR - Ardesia, CO - Cotone, FE - Ferro
Functional hardware: without
Assembly hardware: screws, washers, wrench
Assembly & Packaging
Assembly: simple; instructions are included in the package
Packaging: cardboard boxes with adequate interior protections
2 years. Carefully maintained, the furniture we manufacture can last for hundreds of years.

Availability: by order
Delivery time: 1-2 months

Sizes L 180 x W 100 x H 76 cm L 200 x W 100 x H 76 cm L 220 x W 100 x H 76 cm L 240 x W 100 x H 76 cm L 260 x W 100 x H 76 cm L 280 x W 100 x H 76 cm L 300 x W 100 x H 76 cm
Vol. 0.45 m3 0.47 m3 0.49 m3  0.51 m3 0.53 m3 0.54 m3 0.56 m3
Net Weight 104 kg 113 kg 117 kg 124 kg 131 kg 135 kg 141 kg
Gross Weight 123 kg 131 kg 136 kg 143 kg 149 kg 154 kg 160 kg
Pack. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

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