Fortino Riviera Windproof Umbrella


GLATZ AG is a Swiss family owned company, which has been in the traditional business of developing, manufacturing and selling high-quality parasols for private and commercial use since 1895. They manufacture some of the worlds highest quality umbrellas and have been pioneering the industry with various designs & patents through more than 125 years.

Glatz umbrellas are tested in a real-size wind tunnel. Therefore the wind resistance indications are not only factual but also guaranteed. And in the rare case where disaster strikes, Glatz offers spare parts & reliable service to cover all issues.

Glatz offers various umbrella models in all sorts of sizes, mast colours & fabric qualities, accompanied with a plethora of gadgets & add-ons. Therefore we only offer  them uppon order and after extensive communication with the customer.

The Fortino Riviera - Small/medium size, middle mast, high wind resistant, aluminium parasol for domestic use.

Even at wind speeds of up to 80 km/h, the robust and aerodynamic design of our Fortino Riviera centre-pole parasol always remains master of the situation. This makes it particularly popular in any place exposed to high winds – on the coasts and beaches, on restaurant patios, in gardens and on exposed verandas.

The flat parasol roof, corrosion resistant components and robust natural anodised aluminium frame make the small, sturdy Fortino Riviera the ideal parasol for windy locations. The practical tensioning lever and patented opposing opening principle make it quick and easy to open and close – including above laid tables (up to 150 centimetres). A well-designed and convenient caster of shade that easily withstands windy weather.

Properties: (watch video)

  • Qiuck open-close mechanism 
  • Runner and crown made from corrosion resistant, fibreglass reinforced plastic
  • Opposite opening principle for easy opening
  • Self tensing fabric

Material: Aluminium profile, die-cast aluminium, stainless steel screws & rivets, smaller fibreglass reinforced plastic parts

Aluminium colour:

  • Anodised aluminium - Natural

Fabric types:

  • Q2 - 100% Polyester, 220gr/m2, 98% UV protection
  • Q4 - 100% Polyester, 250gr/m2, 98% UV protection
  • Q5 - 100% Polyacrylic, 300gr/m2, 98% UV protection

Sizes & max. wind resistance(on a ground fixed base):

  • Round D250cm - 80km/h = 9 Bft.
  • Round D300cm - 60km/h = 7 Bft.
  • Square 200x200cm - 70km/h = 8 Bft.
  • Square 240x240cm - 60km/h = 7 Bft.

Options & Extras:

  • Protective cover
  • Set of 2 or 4, battery powered LED spot-light with remote control(incl. charger)
  • Ground socket
  • Wall mounting console
  • Concrete or steel base - max. 55kg
  • Natural granite rolling base with retractable handle - max. 55kg

Attention before ordering:

  • Please contact us first.
  • Prices are indicative and may vary significanty due to various available options and quantities.
  • Prices do not include any ground fixations or bases, nor any necessary additional parts.

Availability: uppon order

Delivery time: No less than 8 weeks. Depends on order quantity and time of the year. Please plan ahead for the season and contact us.

Fabric Quality:

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