English Cupboard


That’s the most traditional piece of furniture, the pantry, which can take on several aspects depending on the preferences of each home. Solid and majestic, totally in wood, or thin and bright thanks to the combined use of glass. There is a common thread that binds the heterogeneity of Devina Nais’ pantries: the flawless design.

This cabinet discreetly displays the craftsmanship of its workmanship. The sober and romantic design, with a delicately retro taste, is revisited by the industrial touch of the handles.

Only available on request.

These furniture pieces are available in many options and colours. The combinations are too many to offer via webshop. Therefore we only offer it on order and after extensive communication with the customer.  

Dimensions (LxWxH): 130x40x150 cm, 82kg

Materials: solid oak, oak veneered wood, iron handles and framed glass doors

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