Echo Jars


Design: Birgitte Rømer

Focusing on the craftmanship and the darker colour scheme, MUUBS have designed a jar series named Echo.

Echo is handmade in terracotta by local craftsmen in Indonesia, which means every jar has a unique surface and texture. The smoked surface effect is created through a special craft technique.

Characteristic of the Echo is its rusty and intriguing terracotta surface, which is made through a specific painting and burning process.

Every Echo jar is unique and made by hand, which is why the texture and surface differentiate in colour and shape.

The Echo jar is for indoor use only. Please do not plant directly in the jar because the water can destroy the material of the jar. Use dried flowers or decoration plants instead.

Dimensions (Ø x H): 
  • Echo 25: 30x25 cm
  • Echo 28: 28x28 cm
  • Echo 40: 26x40 cm
  • Echo 50: 37x50 cm
  • Echo 70: 30x70 cm
  • Echo 80: 45x80 cm
  • Echo 100: 56x100 cm

    Material: Terracotta


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