Custom Table: Manhattan - Glass


The FREE Program by Devina Nais offers the possibility of ordering a table almost custom made. You can choose the design of the top, the dimensions, the colour, the design and colour of the legs, even extensions in some cases. 

Manhattan has combined the ultra-thin workmanship of the oak top with a new series of bright MyGlass finishes. The result is a piece of furniture with surprising shades: the almost imperceptible thickness and the generous dimensions of the top create a canvas on which one can trace texture patterns. A contemporary classic, now available in new style variations.

Only available on request.

These furniture pieces are available in many sizes, options and colours. The combinations are too many to offer via webshop. Therefore we only offer it on order and after extensive communication with the customer. 

Characteristics: ~2,5 cm thick solid oak with a 0,4cm glass top, bevelled sleek edges and a rich and vivid surface. Wide range of over 30 leg designs -made of wood, steel or glass- to choose from.

Available sizes (LxW)cm:  200x100 | 220x100 | 250x110 | 300x110

Material of the top: linden undertop and tempered glass top which comes in 8 different glass textures with either glossy or matt finish 

Material of the legs: solid oak, high grade steel or break-proof glass

Wood colours: wide choice between 10 stains and 20+ lacquers

Steel Colours: choice between 9 colours of powder coat

Top only, also available. You may order just the top and fit your own legs.

Availability: on order

Delivery time: 8-10 weeks

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