Custom Bed: Zen - Floor


The FREE Program by Devina Nais offers the possibility of ordering a bed almost custom made. You can choose the design & size of the headboard, the colour, the design and colour of the lying surface, even a storage box in some cases. 

The "Zen-Floor" offers a unique, 100% solid oak headboard that sits on the floor and is fixed on the wall. With its volumous presence, raw surface and the natural irregular edges, it reflects what "Devina Nais" is all about - real solid wood.

Only available on request.

These furniture pieces are available in many sizes, options and colours. The combinations are too many to offer via webshop. Therefore we only offer it on order and after extensive communication with the customer. 

Characteristics: ~4,2 cm thick solid oak headboard, with a rich and vivid surface. Every board is handmade and therefore unique in shape, wood grain and thickness. Wide range of colours, details, options, bedframes -wooden or upholstered- to choose from. 

Available headboard sizes (LxH): Any dimension up to 350x120 cm

Material of the Headboard: 100% solid european oak with knots

Headboard options:
  • Straight top edge
  • Irregular top edge
  • Ribbing

Only headboard -no bed frame - also available

Bed Frames: 
  • Elegance (wood & metal legs)
  • Elegance suspended (with plexiglas legs)
  • Slim (wood & metal legs)
  • Slim suspended (with plexiglas legs)
  • Z.16 ribbed (wood & metal legs)
  • Z.16 ribbed suspended (with plexiglas legs)
  • Bold (wood with optional storage box)
  • Soft (upholstered with metal legs)
  • Soft suspended (upholstered with plexiglas legs)
  • Charme (upholstered with optional storage box)

Only bed frame -no headboard- also available

Bedspring sizes:
  • 150x190 cm
  • 160x200 cm
  • 180x200 cm
Storage box mechanisms: 
  • Single function mechanism complete with gas springs and anti torsion bar. Tested 5000 opening-closing cycles.
  • Double function mechanism complete with gas springs and anti torsion bar. Tested 5000 opening-closing cycles.

Wood colours: wide choice between 10 stains and 20+ lacquers

Steel Colours: choice between 9 colours of powder coat

  • Suspended open bedside compartments - 45/60/90cm
  • Suspended bedside drawer - 45/60/90cm
  • Suspended bedside drawer with ribbing - 45/60/90cm
  • Headboard Cushions
  • Suspended metal shelf in 9 colours
  • Suspended spotlight in dark gray(RAL7021)
  • Headboard LED Backlight with touch button or remote

Availability: on order
Delivery time: 8-10 weeks

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