Melancholia Jars


The Melancholia jars in terracotta from MUUBS are all hand drawn.

The unique surface on the jars is made by firstly giving the raw jar a black layer of colour, which then is sanded.

Afterwards the jar gets a thin layer of grey colour, which then is sanded and the process is then finished with a layer of coating.

Use the tall jar as a sculptural object or use it with branches in to create further height. Please note that the jar is not waterproof.

Dimensions (Ø x H): 

  • Melancholia 30: 35x30 cm
  • Melancholia 40: 30x40 cm
  • Melancholia 80: 35x80 cm

    Material: Metallic black Terracotta

    Available for Live presentation. Click HERE


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