Be Cool - Rolling Cool Box


Looking for a cool cool box? No problem. You found it! It doesn't get any better than this.

Who wants to be cooler than the neighbor? Just roll out this "Be Cool" cool box and let the bbq games begin! This is undoubtedly the coolest cooler ever. And if that wasn't enough: Be Cooler has wheels..! Fill it with ice cubes, throw in those brewskies, casually pop open a beer and Bam! be cool.

  • The Zuiver Be Cool - Cooler is a next level cool box. Once you've seen this one, you'll never want another one.
  • Be Cooler has a capacity of 70 liters. That equals a lot of ice cold drinks!
  • This ice box has a smart outlet for melted water. Empty it and roll it away.

Black iron exterior & plastic interior with PU insulation
Heavy duty spinning wheels - 2 of which with brakes
Bottle opener & outlet valve
Maximum weight load: 55 kg
Dimensions overall: 91×39×85 cm (L×D×H)
Dimensions inside: 75×35×30 cm (L×D×H)

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