Dream Bonnell Spring Mattress


The Dream is a Bonnell spring mattress. It provides a soft outer shell over a firm core consisting of a classic and reliable support system. 

Type: Bonnell spring, double sided
Height: 23cm
Layers: 7
Hardness: 7/10

Warranty: 5 years

Delivery time: 2 weeks

1. T-Cotton Jacquard,  for a cool and dry sleep
2. White hypoallergic soft fiber
3. Another layer of white hypoallergic soft fiber
4. High durability soft foam
5. Thermally treated cotton filter
6. Support HD - High density foam
7. Bonnell springs. 2,4mm thick intertwined steel springs. 116 springs/m2

Important note: We strongly recommend our mattresses to be combined with slats or framed slats, having 3cm gaps or less. Otherwise the warranty does not apply.


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