Click Lounge Chair & Footrest


Design by: Henrik Pedersen

CLICK is a collection of outdoor chairs made of intelligently designed plastic lamellas combined with powder coated steel and beautiful bamboo parts. The lamellas made from UV protected plastic, can withstand most weather conditions and minimize maintenance. The click collection is designed with comfort in mind and shaped to provide excellent cushion-free seating.

The Lounge chair is a cousin of the Rocking chair. The comfort is the same - so for those who are not about to rock - choose the Lounge chair. The lamellas are composed with exactly the right resilience to provide excellent cushion-free comfort

Customize the look of your CLICK chair with ease by simply Clicking on and off the lamellas, which come in 13 different colors. 

2 year warranty

Dimensions: H:37,5/95,5 x W:63 x L:90 cm

Material Seat: Plastic lamellas with UV protection

Material Frame: Grey powder coated steel  

Material Armrests & Runners: Bamboo wood

Assembly: Not required

Maintenance: Bamboo wood offers the sheen, durability and luxurious finish of hardwood—but without the ecological damage. It is an eco-friendly, sustainable material which is very reliable for outdoors, if maintained properly. We advise you to coat the bamboo parts in natural outdoor oil. Depending on the use & the weather conditions(humidity, sun exposure, sea salt etc), this process should be repeated 2 to 4 times per year for optimal results.


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