Blink Carpet


Unicolour is the new pattern! Take a look at our beautiful, hand-woven Blink carpet. We made it with shiny yarns that provide subtle color effects. The tassels and wide brim give Blink a casual chic look. 

  • Blink your eyes and the color effect of this silky carpet is different. 
  • Gray suddenly becomes silver, dark blue becomes light, Dusty rose a shiny terracotta and is that a sand color or gold? 
  • This rug has a very soft pile. It can give darker or lighter shades when walked on or vacuumed.

Hand woven carpet
Composition: 100% viscose
Cotton, Latex backing

4 colours:
• Silver
• Sand
• Rose
• Blue

2 sizes:
• 170 x 240 cm (WxL)
•  200 x 300 cm (WxL)

Thickness: 10mm

Note: This carpet has a soft pile. It can assume darker of lighter shades when it is walked on or vacuum cleaned.
Colour variations may also appear when viewing the rug from different angles.


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