Avon Outdoor Lounge Chair with Footrest


Design by: Henrik Pedersen

The AVON collection was designed from the desire to create something with a very light appearance and a low sleek profile, while maintaining a high level of comfort.

The maintenance free frame, and the construction of the big soft back cushions, is exactly that – the simplicity of the structure, where low lines are making sure, that the design always appear proud, both with and without cushions – summer or winter. The handles of the cushions, is a statement to the function of the product, making them easy to grab and store if needed.

All foam fillings are resistant to mould and the fabrics by Sunbrella© are Oeko-tex© certified,  stainproof, resistant to sunlight, salt and chlorinated water, while being made out of 50% recycled acrylic. Colorfull fibre ends from the process of reusing the primary material may appear in the weave and vary the fabric colour from one batch to another. This creates a unique fabric with a natural look and vintage charm. 

2 year warranty


Lounge Chair:  H:58 x W:81 x D:99 cm

Optional Ottoman:  H:30 x W:81 x D:81 cm


Frame: Powder coated steel

Frame colours: Dark Grey or Muted White


  • Basic - Dark Grey | 100% Pol. | UV class 6 | Water resist. | 2 year warranty
  • Sunbrella© Natte - Sooty Grey | 97% Acr, 3% Pol | UV class 8 | Stain resist. | Mold resist. | 5 year warranty
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - many colours | 97% Acr, 3% Pol | UV class 8 | Stain resist. | Mold resist. | 5 year warranty

Available fabric colors (please contact us):

  • Basic - nr.98 dark grey
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.16 Scarlet
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.17 Rust
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.31 Dijon
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.42 Leaf
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.44 Alpine
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.47 Moss
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.53 Indigo
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.58 Sky
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.64 Slate
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.68 Char
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.92 Ash
  • Sunbrella© Heritage - nr.95 Papyrus

Raincovers for all modules, available on request

Extra cushions(60x50cm) in all colours, available on request

Optional Ottoman Footrest:
Frame Color:
Fabric :

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