Atlas Home Desk - Columbia Composition


Sizes: L 230 x W 70 x H 90 cm
(includes 1 Atlas Home Desk 160cm, 1 Atlas Rollbox 3Dr, 1 Atlas Sideboard 2Dr 70cm and 1 Atlas Desk Shelf - no chair)
Volume: 0.61 cubic meters
Net Weight: 104 kg
Gross Weight: 114 kg
Packages: 5

Availability: by order
Delivery time: 2 months

Atlas is a family of products with its main focus on the Home-office/Study and the professional high-end Workspace. Nonetheless it expands further into more home applications with products such as tables, cabinets, sideboards, bookcases and TV consoles.

With the Atlas Sideboard 2Dr 70cm (AT300), the Atlas Sideboard 2D 100cm (AT340), the Atlas Bookcase 100cm (AT440) and the Atlas Bookcase 70cm (AT430) - the height of the Home Desk is the same as the height of one of the shelves of the bookcase.
The rollbox is equipped with castor wheels, two of which have a loxking lever.
The sideboard is independent from the desk. It can be placed anywhere in the room.

100% solid wood. The desk's top is made of oak veneered blockboard. The desk's sleepers, all components of the desk shelf, the top, the bottom and the sides of the rollbox and of the sideboard, the front, the back and the sides of the drawer boxes are made of solid oak wood. The bottom of the drawer boxes and the back of the rollbox and of the sideboard are made of 100% solid wood (oak veneered plywood).
Being a product made of solid wood, knots, colorations, small cracks and other natural characteristics of the oak can be observed.
Steel: the sides of the desk and the legs of the sideboard
Surface distressing
Minimal; sanding and chiseling around the knots and the fissures
Colors for wood (see images here)
CS - Castle Oak, NO - Natural Oak, AR - Ardesia, CO - Cotone, FE - Ferro
Color for the metal and the niche
NR - Nero (RAL 9005)
Functional hardware: softclose and selfclose drawer runners, castor wheels
Assembly hardware: screws
Adjustment hardware: adjustable threaded feet that take the imperfections from the floor and ensure perfect leveling of the desk, of the sideboard and of the desk shelf
Assembly & Packaging
Assembly: simple; the instructions are included in the packages; the rollbox and the sidebaord require only the mounting of the legs
Packaging: cardboard boxes with adequate interior protections
2 years. Carefully maintained, the furniture we manufacture can last for hundreds of years.


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