Arc Round Table Ø 120 CM


Designed by: Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl

As an ode to the Art Deco period, Arc is a transformation of lavish architectural details into a collection of minimalist furniture. Featuring a Console, Bench and Dining Table, the Arc collection is characterized by steps and arches, creating a certain depth and play of shadows. Arc Dining Table goes perfectly together with the Brutus Dining Chairs to create a brutalistic and architectural look. Made from cast fiber concrete, the Arc Dining Table has a tactile stone-looking surface with small holes and colour variations. Due to the product is cast and afterwards hand painted, each product is unique.

The Arc Dining Table comes in two pieces - table top and base, easily assembled with four screws hidden underneath the table top.

Material: Casted Fiber Concrete

Dimensions (Ø x H): 120x78 cm
Weight: 62.4kg
Weight capacity: 200kg

Care instructions:
Gently wipe the table with a soft, dry cloth to keep the surface dust-free and pristine. Avoid using household cleaners, especially those with acidic components, to preserve the table’s finish. With proper care, your Arc Dining Table will be a cherished centrepiece in your home for many years.

Availability: by order
Delivery time: 4-6 weeks

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