Oslo Coffee Table 89x79cm


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89x79x34cm 89x79x40cm 89x79x55cm
Sizes L 89 x W 79 x H 34 cm L 89 x W 79 x H 40 cm L 89 x W 79 x H 55 cm
Volume 0.05 cubic meters 0.05 cubic meters 0.08 cubic meters
Net weight 6.6 kg 6.9 kg 7.2 kg
Gross weight 7.75 kg 8.14 kg 8.5 kg
Packages 2 pieces 2 pieces 2 pieces
SKU OS071 OS072 OS073
Availability: by order
Delivery time: 2 months

Main material: solid oak wood QF1 – QF2 (A – B class)
Secondary materials: powder coated steel
Surface distressing: none
Colors for wood (see images here)
DR – Drift, NO – Natural Oak, NW – Natural White, OC – Old Canada, WB – Weathered Brown, AR – Ardesia, CA – Castagne, CO – Cotone, FE – Ferro, NA – Naturale, PI – Piombo, BL – Blue, RE – Red, GR – Green
Colors for metal (see images here)
MA – Marrone, NR – Nero
Functional hardware: none
Assembly hardware: screws, washers, wrench
Assembly & Packaging
Assembly: required for the small tables with wooden legs
Packaging: cardboard boxes with adequate interior protections
Color: Castle Oak

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